Arm the teachers

The Fat Orange Puke(FOP) that was somehow elected in America, to represent the US branch of the Monster Raving Looney Party, thinks that arming teachers will somehow stop school shootings.  This is in the wake of a recent school shooting in Florida, one of many the Americans provide for our entertainment. The latest ploy to do anything bar introducing sensible gun laws is to give teachers guns.

Now apart from the absolutely vacuous logic that increasing the number of armed people running around in a chaotic situation is somehow going to make things better,  how does this suggestion stop school shootings? In the fantasy land that is FOP’s cranial void, the best case scenario is someone starts shooting, then they are shot without any casualties but that is still a schools shooting is it not, so no reduction in the number of school shootings!

If the shooter can’t get no shooter then there can be no shooting.

Did you know the NRA is a charity , seriously.

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